Monday, January 07, 2008


R K Singh

R K Singh

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The winter chill
slowly rises each evening--
frozen shadows

Moving between
the fingers of a toddler
the first winter rain

Stench of burning leaves
mounts with smoke in the evening:
asthmatic breathing

Under the blue sky
the chestnut trees bloom
white candles

His presence
among the known faces--
evening fog

The wax drips
down the long hard candle--
a soft hum

Her lonely grief
melts in the candle wax--
evening's dark floor

Seeking smell
in the cherries
yet to blossom

Her fingers
I taste in the orange
she peels

After the tumble
buried between the sheets
leftover passion

Trapped in temples
gods frighten my body:
I bow in bed

Sits on a mound
overlooking the camp
awaits signal

A snake's dead skin
near the fence:
she stands unmoving

Between bare branches
two pigeons share silence:
All Hallows' Day

Scrounging for scrap
in a pile of garbage
empty Christmas

Taking short cuts
or overtaking others:
new metro maze

The winter chill
slowly rises each evening--
frozen shadows

Years of home
in three suitcases:
deep breathing

With his crying baby
he moves in the train's passage:
marital tension

From: Muse India, Issue 17, January-February 2008


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