Wednesday, October 01, 2008



R. K. Singh

Watching the moon
in the western horizon
two haiku poets
scratch each other’s back and mock
the rest as neophytes

The fragrance of rose
seeps through the windows
coupled with full moon
adds to my delight though I’m
alone in my bed tonight

Resting his chin
on the back of his palms
he stands at
the dusted railing to watch
the planes roar and take off

Unable to see
beyond his nose he says
he meditates
and sees visions of Buddha
weeping for us

A mist covers
the valley of her body
leaves memories
like the shiver of cherry
in dreamy January

Published in: Modern English Tanka, Summer 2008

Dr R. K. Singh , of Dhanbad, India, has been writing and publishing haiku and tanka in English for the last
25 years. The River Returns (2006) is his major collection of 144 tanka and 372 haiku. Earlier he also collected
his haiku in Every Stone Drop Pebble (1999) and Pacem in Terris (2003).

MET, Summer 2008, p. 251

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