Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tanka published in FIRE PEARLS 2

I love her undress
the light with eyes that spring
passion with kisses
she leaves her name again
for my breath to pass through


on the roof top
she waits for her man with
moon cake and lantern:
a flash of silver showers
on the mist-shrouded figure

shaped like a bird
a drop of water lands
on her breast:
my breath jumps to kiss it
before her pelvic flick

in a one-piece dress
she tiptoes
waving from the window
not seeing him leave

making love
she tastes the salt
on his shoulder
in the afternoon he pounds
like the surf into her flesh

her letter smells
the lotus she wore each time
meeting in the dark
I touch her fingers again
with all the hopes and passion

--Ram Krishna Singh

Published in FIRE PEARLS 2: SHORT MASTERPIECES OF LOVE AND PASSION (ed. M. Kei). Maryland: Keibooks, 2013


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