Monday, September 01, 2008

A Review of Sexless Solitude and Other Poems by Hsu ChiCheng

From “Fear” To “Sexless Solitude” Hsu ChiCheng

A book review about “Sexless Solitude And Other Poems” by Dr. Ram Krishna Singh, India

All kinds of things around the world can be written into poems by poets. For example, there are many themes just as religion, politics, natural world, seasons, journey, sex, and almost human life etc. among poetry collection “Sexless Solitude and Other Poems” of Dr.Ram Krishna Singh. There are the topics as “God, Sex and The World”, “Shiva’s Third Eye”, “God”, “They Call God Loudly”, “I am No Moses”, “I am No Jesus” etc .for religion, there are the topics as “Raindrop”, “Snake”, “Rainbow”, “River’s song”, “From the Winter”, and “The Bee Won’t Return” etc. for natural world, there are the topics as “The dead too are Restless”, “Death”, “Bliss Through Death”, “I want to Sleep”, “Journey”, “Creation”, “Too Painful”, “pain”, “Wisdom”, “Man or Animal”, “Wit and Soul”, and “Passion” etc. for human life. Above all, the creator prepared so many materials for us poets to write. Thanks god!
I am glad to read in advance the will be publication of Dr. R. K. Singh’s poetry collection :“Sexless Solitude And Other Poems”. It contains 98pieces of his poems. So many good poems in this book! I enjoy them very much. There are two of them “Sexless Solitude” and “I can’t Hide Fears” which actually penetrate through the whole book. I come to set my opinions.
We all human beings always can’t see our future include our age. It’s dim like a man walking in the fog ,or may we say it like a riddle. There are two kinds of men who face the future and the age: fear or no fear. As a fact, all men in fear of the future for it’s uncertain. Dr. R.K. Singh so confess:

The light of my lamp and
The portion of my cup couldn’t
Lift my soul mired in passions
And silence of the morning
The confession couldn’t remove
My anguish of ages
Nor the tears and cries strengthen
Faith, hope, and love-the rock
Slips the grip for enemies
Within don’t halt my body
Glues to the ground seeking
Darkness of the womb and joys


In verses I can’t hide fears
My face I despise, can’t find
Freedom from the chemicals
Sprayed in the air and the smog
Oppressing my breath, the sun
Fails to keep the covenant
The terrors of death are real

He told the truth. The man who said that he’s no fear must be false. No fear of the future and the age must have some courage to face and conquer it. May be “We raise our heads and overlook, expecting another world/ We raise our heads, expecting another spring”, as I wrote in my poem “Reappearance”. It’s a hard course to conquer it. It’s a spirit thing. It taste bitter. However, the body can hardly change or hold by spirit. It must be go wither away. Then, practice Buddhist teachings is needed. When he accomplishes this practice, we call he is the Buddha. A Buddha is sexless as Dr. R.K. Singh described in his poem “Sexless Solitude”:

She dwells on moon beams
I can see her smiling
With wind-chiselled breast
In sexless solitude
Her light is not priced
But gifted to enlighten
The silver-linings

It’s a higher condition. He walked away from “Fear” to “Sexless Solitude” and finished the practice Buddhist teachings. He is not a vulgar, but a Buddha, a fairy, or in short, a god.

--Hsu ChiCheng


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