Thursday, August 23, 2012

Indian Poetry in English: In Search of Identity

Authors Press, New Delhi has published a new book INDIAN POETRY IN ENGLISH: IN SEARCH OF IDENTITY  jointly edited by R.K. Singh and Rajni Singh.

The book contains 22 essays by young researchers who explore several new voices including Mani Rao, I.K. Sharma, R.K. Singh, D.C. Chambial, R.R. Menon,Niranjan Mohanty, S. Radhamani, Nirmala Pillai, Sudha Iyer, Asha Viwas,  Hazara Singh, Syed Ameeruddin, S.L. Peeran, P.K. Majumder, Charu Sheel Singh, Pashupati Jha, Maha Nand Sharma, Vihang A. Naik, P.K. Joy, Y.S. Rajan, and APJ Abdul Kalam. Published in June 2012, the book is priced at Rs. 750/-.  For further details, one may contact the publishers    or  or write to:  Authors Press, E-35/103, Jawahar Park, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi  110092

Table of Contents:

1. The Growth of a Genre: Indian English Poetry  by Rajni Singh and R.K. Singh

2. Beneath the Shade of the Lofty Kadamba: Niranjan Mohanty as a Devotional Poet  by  Uttam Kumar

3. Nature and Spiritualism in the Poetry of D.C. Chambial  by  Mandira Banerjee

4. Socio-Political Consciousness and Longing for a Better Society in the Poetry of R.R. Menon  by Emelle Basu

5. Pranava Retroflex: The Poetry of Charu Sheel Singh   by  Rajni Singh

6. Major Traits of R.K. Singh's Poetry: A Study of Sense and Silence  by  S.L. Peeran

7. "Look me up but make the Walls Solid": Metaphor of Protest in Mani Rao  by  Archana Sinha

8. S. Radhamani: The Spiritual Crusader  by  Sadaf Jamal

9. Vihang A. Naik: A Distant Voice from the Land where Sabarmati was Burned   by  Aju Aravind

10. Nirmala Pillai and Sudha Iyer: Characteristic Trends of Recent Indian English Women Poets from the Western Region  by  Sadaf Jamal

11. From Ontime to Untime: The Poetry of P.K. Majumder  by  Rajni Singh

12. "Blow my sails, push my boat of life/My rudder of faith is firm": S.L. Peeran, A Poet of Faith and Hope  by Mashrique Jahan

13. Striding across Two Worlds: Y.S. Rajan as a Poet  by Loni Lavanya

14. The Love Lyrics of Syed Ameeruddin: A Study   by  Rajeev Ranjan

15. Culmination of Science and Technology: A.P.J. Abdul Kalam's Themes: A Reflection  by  Priyanka Jha

16. Style in the Poetry of Hazara Singh  by  Bikrant Kumar Sinha

17. "Sparkles of Stars and Flash of the Lightning": Imagery in Asha Viswas  by Sweta Singh

18. Imagery and Symbols in P.K. Joy: A Study   by  Rashmi Dubey

19. Decoding the Poetry of I.K. Sharma in a New Perspective  by Ram Kulesh Thakur

20. Rediscovering Indianness in the Poetry of Maha Nand Sharma  by  Ram Kulesh Thakur

21. Process of Indianization in R.K. Singh's Poetry: A Study  by Jindagi Kumari

22. When Poetry Becomes Prayer: A Study of Pashupati Jha's Poetry  by Rajni Singh


Each chosen poet has been studied for MPhil or PhD by the scholars  with a view to broadening the canvas of Indian English Poetry criticism. I hope the articles should motivate researchers and scholars to enter the emerging poetic territory with freshness and sensitivity.

Rajni Singh and Ram Krishna Singh. Indian Poetry in English: In Search of Identity. New Delhi: Authors Press, 2012. ISBN 978-81-7273-663-7. Price Rs. 750/-




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