Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Poems translated into Chinese and published in the WPQ, P.R.China

Two poems, 'Silence' and  'Body' appear prominently  in The World Poets Quarterly, Vol. 71, August 8, 2013. These have also been translated into Chinese:

Two more poems, 'Vulgarity' and 'Allergies Again' appear in The World Poets Quarterly, Vol. 72, November 8, 2013. These two have been translated into Chinese:

The  journal of the World Poets Quarterly, edited by Dr Zhang Zhi and his team,  is a multilingual journal published from Chongqing City, P.R. China. Circulated in over 190 countries, it is a joint venture of the World Congress of Poets (WCP), The International Poetry Translation and Reseasrch Centre (ITPRC),  International Writers and Artists Association (IWA), and International  Society of Greek Writers & Arts (ISGWA).



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