Sunday, November 17, 2013

My poem nominated for Pushcart Prize

The information is communicated vide email by the editor and publisher of Nazar Look, Taner Murat:

Nazar Look
7:45 PM (36 minutes ago)
to JackLarryKevinAlanAlanmeTom

Dear Authors, 
Hereby we announce our official nominations for the Pushcart Prize for our publication year of 2013:
Jack Peachum, Virginia, United States: Darwin (Nazar Look, issue 27, March 2013)
Larry Lefkowitz, Israel: Blaze; A Flowered Vest (Metric Conversions – Poetry of Our Time)
Kevin Marshall Chopson, Tennessee, USA: On the Sleeping Body of God (Nazar Look, issue 32, August 2013)
Alan D. Harris, Michigan, USA: Pearls; Emancipated Innocence (Metric Conversions – Poetry of Our Time)
Ram Krishna Singh, Jharkhand, India: I Am No Jesus (Nazar Look, issue 33, September 2013)
Tom Sheehan, Massachusetts, United States: Summons of the Mountain (Nazar Look, issue 35, November 2013)
Happy reading,
Nazar Look Editorial Team


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