Friday, March 20, 2015

SPIRIT'S EDICT translated into Arabic by Nabil Al-Mujalli

After the death of Jesus
I ceased to be a sinner:
God's come closer with His love

my flame glows with passion
and dreams rise in new shapes
I love the Spirit's edict


مرسوم الروح القدس
عد وفاة يسوع
لم أعدْ آثماً :

فقد صار الله أقربَ بحبه
ولهيبي يتأجج بالعاطفة
وأحلامي ارتقت بأشكالٍ جديدة
أنا أحب مرسوم الروح القدس
My Facebook friend from Rezina, Ungheni, Moldova    


Blogger Lavana said...

Lovely blog.
I'll be back.

6:21 AM  
Blogger Prof. R.K. Singh said...

Thanks Lavana

--R K

9:34 AM  

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