Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My new books available from Authors Press, New Delhi. Here are the details:



The poet and the publisher are grateful to the editors of the following journals, zines and anthologies that carried some of the poems presented here:
Sarasvati (Leicestershire, UK), The World Poets Quarterly (Chongqing City, P.R.China), Kō (Nagoya, Japan), The Tanka Journal (Tokyo, Japan), Chairman Poetics (Taiwan, ROC),       Magnapoets (Ontario, Canada), Create4U (The Netherlands), Moonset Literary Newspaper (Oregon, USA),  Time Haiku (London),  Atlanta Chinese News (USA), Paper Wasp (Queensland, Australia),  Modern English Tanka (Maryland, USA),  Kelaino (Athens, Greece), Mainichi Daily News (Tokyo), Poet (Belgrade), Ambrosia: Journal of Fine Haiku (Maryland, USA),   Poet (Chennai), Poetry World (Chennai),  Cyber Literature (Patna), Research (Patna),  Indian Book Chronicle (Jaipur),  Indian Journal of Postcolonial Literature (Thodupuzha, Kerala),  Triveni (Hyderabad),  Bridge-in-Making (Kolkata),  The Journal of Indian Writing I English (Gulbarga),  Indian Journal of English Studies, and  e-journals,  Lynx, Asahi Haiku Network, Simply Haiku, Asia Writes, Syndic Literary Journal, New Mirage Journal, EPN, Mann Library’s Daily Haiku, Akita International Haiku Network, Shamrock Haiku Journal, Haiku Reality,  and World Haiku Review.

Some poems have also appeared in the following anthologies/collections:

Busy Bee Book of Contemporary Indian English Poetry (eds: P. Raja and Rita Nath Keshari). Pondicherry: Busy Bee Books, 2007.
Contemporary Poets (ed: M.S. Venkata Ramaiah). Bangalore: Biz Buzz, 2009.
A Dictionary of Contemporary International Poets (eds: Choi Lai Sheung and Zhang Zhi). Chongqing City: The Earth Culture Press, 2010.
Sense and Silence: Collected Poems  (R.K. Singh). Jaipur: Yking Books, 2010.
Sexless Solitude and Other Poems (R.K.Singh). Bareilly: Prakash Book Depot, 2009.
The River Returns (R.K. Singh). Bareilly: Prakash Book Depot, 2006.


Life is too real to be believed, yet we must keep dreaming and try to live with a resonance of what we think while we touch various levels of reality—political, social, personal, or spiritual—and  be ourselves.

Genuine poetry happens as an event  to  be truthful, clear, courageous, and honest to oneself; to be open about things one often tries to conceal. Poetry provides an opportunity for expressing ones intimate moments with the same passion as while talking about the interwoven outer realities.

I also view it as the expression of cosmic, organic, erotic life, creating its own forms, expressing itself and, in being expressed, finds its voice. 

My experience convinces me that we are not limited by what we are, but we are limited by what we are not.  Poetry becomes a means to overcome this limitation, and thus, allows us not only to know ourselves but also to expand on what we are. 

This means we should remain open to healthy revisions that we can make to our way of thinking, and incorporate new perspectives into our outlook.  In other words, we should  not let our own rigidity destroy our potential, but rather we should evince a forward-looking, tolerant, and open mindset if we wish to create future.

I don’t know if my poetry fits in what I think at the moment but poetry does help us traverse the boundaries of hesitation to see the joy of fulfillment.

I am grateful to  Mr Sudarshan Kcherry for readily agreeing to publish this collection and support my creativity.
                                                                                                                                    --R.K. Singh

1.     Death
2.     Labyrinths
3.     Mistake
4.     Smoke
5.     Fisherman’s Song
6.     Threat
7.     Midnight Cry
8.     Games of Convenience
9.     Unheard Silences
10.                         Revelations
11.                         Poetry Unsafe
12.                         Dust Smells
13.                        One Day I’ll Sleep Well
14.                        I Carry the Tomb
15.                        Temple
16.                        War
17.                        Saints’ Blasphemy
18.                        Rituals
19.                        There’s No Music
20.                        Time is Running Out
21.                        Necklace
22.                        Vision
23.                        His Smile is Fake
24.                        Trekking
25.                        When She Smiles Her Sex
26.                        Hunger
27.                        Delusion
28.                        Pollution
29.                        Creativity
30.                        Liberation
31.                        Kamakhya
32.                        Debris
33.                        Tombstone
34.                        There’s No Grace
35.                        Meditation
36.                        Karmic Credit
37.                        Bones Breathe
38.                        A Long Game
39.                        Tunnel
40.                        Rainbow
41.                        Solitude
42.                        Rotten Rat
43.                        Too Painful
44.                        Pain
45.                        Valley of Self
46.                        Snake
47.                        Wisdom
48.                        Helplessness
49.                        Elements Clack
50.                        It’s More Voluptuous to Float
51.                        Eyeless Jagannath
52.                        Decay with Divinity
53.                        Night’s Silence


Copyright: Ram Krishna Singh


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