Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Haiku translated into German, & Published in Chrysanthemum

The wax drips 
down the long hard candle-- 
a soft hum 

Wachs träufelt 
die lange harte Kerze hinab-- 
ein sanftes Summen

R.K. Singh

The other haiku/tanka also puiblished are:

Sparrows couple 
on a withered creeper— 
peep of day 

R.K. Singh 

A mist covers 
the valley of her body 
leaves memories 
like the shiver of cherry 
in dreamy January 

R. K. Singh 

Copyright © 2008 by Dietmar Tauchner for Chrysanthemum Haiku Journal. All rights revert to
the authors upon publication.
Copyright © 2008 bei Dietmar Tauchner für Chrysanthemum Haiku Journal. Alle Rechte bei
den jeweiligen Autoren.


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