Monday, June 03, 2019

Five new poems published in Creation and Criticism

1. Vastu Vihar - I

Monday worshipers
invoke Shiv on loudspeaker
spoiling rainy day:

drizzles splash against 
the window panes I await
the first sentence 
to preface my memoir
cooling in the drawer

their musical noise distracts

the long cloudy day
depresses my soul

I lounge around inside
cursing cooped up in here

2. Vastu Vihar - II

Morning air
is so dark here
my breathing is choked:

they say my colleagues
from ISM cleared
the existence of 
six coking coal chimneys
for a fee
under the table

the aged earth mocks
the concaving patch
of the sky.

3. Vastu Vihar - III

My peers may not know
bu the maid knows
the holes in my vests:
I grow older
at a faster pace

it matters little
who owns the tree:
forty years in wood
now good to bottle
if one has taste

how sad it's only
the saw's drag I hear
and see dustcloud
in Vastu Vihar
florets simply die.

4. Uprooting Seeds

Growing nude
the plant sways in the field
and matures

in golden silk
drifts like a bee
in quiet rhythm

the sun wings the flight
and stars stand guard
till beauty plays harlot

with half-open heart
abuses night music
provokes hunger

in every street
the lewd shrines
pucker the lips

without payment
strangers come and go
uprooting seeds.

5. Peace in Sin

I thought I'd locate you
in the dark lonely street
but I myself got lost

mind's mazy prompts
shocked me into nakedness
I never perceived

the misleading sun
the unreal reflections
the dumb show

dazzle my eyes
shades of terror in alleys
smell of treachery

at the crossroads
the selfish gene's tarots
of my random choices

in dim blue light
smiling breasts invite
autumn breeze

I chuckle to myself
hearing raps of inverse world
and peace in sin.


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