Sunday, September 22, 2013

NAZAR LOOK, September 2013 features my poems & Interview

Bonnie Roberts comments on the contents of Nazar Look, September 2013:

Bonnie Roberts
Award-winning Poet, Ed., Columnist, Book Reviewer, Pub. at Mule on a Ferris Wheel, Reader Public Radio, Mentor
I went there and read some of the amazing poems--the ones in English, that is! I have long been a fan of Nazim Hikmet, thanks to a Turkish friend of mine who introduced me to him years ago. In this issue, the very small poem "Who Is This" by Tagore, of whom I had never heard until now--thank you for this introduction!--spoke to me very much. I wish I could always be so brief and say so much. I think your interview came out very, very well! I regret that you are living in a coal industry town where there is no place for your poet's soul to take nourishment--literally. I think that's so important. There are a few fragrant tea parlors and coffee houses here, that evoke poetry; and, of course, despite its overall ignorance in mind, Alabama is quite beautiful in its features, most especially the trees. I think I must have been a tree in another life--I love them--but then, trees are so much more advanced than human beings.:) I hope I am not going backwards. Oh, dear. What I liked maybe most in your interview that I wrote down: "So literature as negotiation of differences can make changes in the way people live their lives." Yes. I believe you are right. When I taught, I used to tell my adolescent students, "Poetry is where EVERYONE can meet." I think you and I are thinking along the same lines, only saying what we think in slightly different ways. I believe we are "fellow-travelers." One needs all the fellow-travelers one can find on this Earth. It can be a difficult and lonely journey. Please remember that I am here, far across the world, but that I read and appreciate your poems with my heart, and I find comfort in them and in our shared understanding of pain and joy.

Your fellow-traveler,



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