Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Haiku and Tanka from Akita International Haiku Network

RAM KRISHNA SINGH (India) ラム・クリシュナ・シン (インド)
Haiku:               俳句  

Brightness of moon              月の明るさ 
the same as when tied the knot–
61st New Year

(My Birthday falls on 31 December)

Returning home               帰郷
to the swaying of branches–
New year’s wild rain
 Perfume of wine–                                     ワインの芳香
remembering the bouquet    花束を思い出しながら  

 she gave me once           彼女が昔くれた
Tanka:                                                短歌                                         
No cakes or cookies         ケーキもクッキーもない
to celebrate my birthday     私の誕生日を祝うために
this New Year eve          今年の大晦日
lunar eclipse and blue moon   月食とブルームーンが 
cheer the cup in foggy chill  霧の冷気の中で杯に歓声を送る  
(December 31, 2009)        (2009年12月31日)


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