Monday, October 14, 2013


1.  Crimean Tatar, Arabic script , illustrated by artist Rushan Shamsutdin 

2. Crimean Tatar written with Tatar runes,illustrated by artist Alexey Ulturgash

Both the editions carry my prefatory and poems.

Thanks Taner for your kind gesture.


A Note from Nazar Look Staff received by email on 16 Ocober 2013:

Dear Authors,

Metrelí kaytarmalar – Búgúngí tízmeler ğîyîntîgî (Metric Conversions – Poetry of Our Time), 2nd edition in Crimean Tatar with Arabic script is now released.
Landscapes and portraits of Tatar classic poets reproduced by courtesy of artist Rushan Shamsutdin (Shamsutdinov):
1. Kazan, Tatarstan, Kremlin and Mosque Kul Sharif named in memory of poet Kul Sharif. Moonlit Night. 350 x 470, paper, watercolor, pastel, 2012
2. Poet Gabdeljabbar ('Abdul Jabbar) Kandaly, (1797-1860), 200x260, 2010
3. Poet Ghazi Yalan Yuchi, 11th century, 200x260, paper, watercolor, temp., 1996
4. Poet Kutbi, 14th century, 180Х210, 1997
5. Poet Kul Gali, 13th century, 480x385, paper, watercolor, temp., 1990
6. Poet Mahmud Bulgari, 14th century, 180x210, 2004
7. Poet Kul Sharif, 16th century, 120x200, 1997
8. Poet Mukhammed'yar, (1497-1552), 600x900, paper, watercolor, temp., 1991
9. Poet Kul Gali, 13th century, 180x270, paper, watercolor, temp., 1996
10. Poet, educator, lexicographer Mahmoud al-Kashgari, (1029-1101), paper, watercolor, temp., 1996
11. Preacher, physician Idris Zulmuhammed Halfa Babai, oil on canvas, 2008
12. Poet Saif Sarai, 14th century, 200x300, paper, watercolor, temp., 1994
13. Imam-Khatib, historian, physician Tadjetdin Yalchygul (1768-1838), 700x1000, canvas, oil, 1996
14. Poet Yusuf Khass Hajib (Balasaguni), 11th century, 180x270, paper, watercolor, temp., 1996
15. Teacher and student, paper, watercolor, temp., 1993
16. Poet Galyautdin Tanboga, 14th century, 200x260, 1996

Even more, the 3rd edition in Crimean Tatar written with ancient Tatar runes is also released.
The illustrative introduction to the mysterious ancient Tatar world of gods, shamans, kurgans, petroglyphs, spirits, planets, wolfs and calfs, reproduced by courtesy of artist Alexey Ulturgash (Ulturgashev.)

One can browse these books at:

You may print and distribute these books. Here is the link where you can download our files:

If you want to order hardcopies from us:

Please remember that Crimean Tatar culture and language are severely endangered and what we appreciate most is your voice.

Today is Aid al-Adha or the Feast of the Sacrifice. Eid Mubarak – Kurban Bayram kayîrlî bolsîn, to all our Muslim friends!

The Staff at Nazar Look


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