Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Poem in New Mirage Journal, Spring 2011

New Mirage Journal


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A New Book on R.K.Singh's Poetry

The photo on the  book's cover is provided by Ms Winny Singh.

Contents :

Preface                  V
List of Contributors         VII
Introduction                 1

1. Journey of Beauty: Nature and Woman in
the Poetry of R.K. Singh
— P. C. K. Prem                               9

2. The Poetics of R. K. Singh
— Jindagi Kumari & Rajni Singh                   34

3. “I seek freedom from myself”: Existential
Restlessness in R.K. Singh’s Sexless Solitude
and Other Poems
— Yana Atanasova Rowland                         46

4. A Stylistic Interpretation of R. K. Singh’s
Poem ‘Sexless Solitude’
— G.D. Barche                                                 64

5. R. K. Singh’s ‘Karmic Credit’: A Study in Text
— D. C. Chambial                                         73

6. Philosophy as Figure?: A Study of the Poetry
of R. K. Singh
— Mahendra Singh                                        79

7. “Sanjaya” and “Dhrutrashtra”
Reconstructed in
the Capsule Poems of R. K. Singh
— G.D. Barche                                                101

8. “Living in uncertainties /it’s life in death”:
Death Motif in R.K. Singh’s Poetry
— Rajni Singh                                                 109

9. Contemporary Social Issues/Anxieties in the
Poetry of R. K. Singh
— P. C .K. Prem                                                  117

10. Profession and Performance: R. K. Singh’s
Sexless Solitude and Other Poems - A Study
— V. V. B. Rama Rao                                         128

11. Erotic Consciousness in R.K. Singh’s Poetry:
Depiction of Feminine Enamouredness
— Jindagi Kumari                                              137

12. Mirroring the Contemporary Society and Culture:
The Poetry of R.K. Singh and P. Raja
— Jayshree Goswami & Md. Mojibur Rahman                        143

13. The Asexuality of Sex: A Study of Sex Expressions
in R.K. Singh’s Poetry
— Raghuvanshmani Tripathi                                              156

14. Treatment of Myths in the Poetry of Shiv K. Kumar
and R. K. Singh: A Comparative Study
— Jindagi Kumari & Rajni Singh                                          165

15. Major Themes in R. K. Singh’s Sexless Solitude
and Other Poems
— Ram Sharma                                                                176

16. Haiku in English, Indian English Haiku and
R. K. Singh
— Rajni Singh                                                                 180

17. Form and Flow of R. K. Singh’s Tanka and
Haiku in The River Returns
— Asha Viswas                                                             188

18. Snapshots of Life in The River Returns
— Patricia Prime                                                         197

19. Haiku and R. K. Singh: A Critical Analysis of
Peddling Dream
— K. V. Dominic                                                           202

20. Flashes from Flesh in R. K. Singh’s The River
— Sudhir K. Arora                                                        214

21. The Magnetism of the Measured Syllables:
R.K. Singh’s Haiku and Tanka Sequences
— Rajni Singh                                                           227

Publications of R.K.Singh                                        234

The book should help interested scholars and researchers to explore R.K.Singh's poetry, including haiku and tanka, more seriously and deeply.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

R.K.SINGH: Indian English Poet: Editor's choice

R.K.SINGH: Indian English Poet: Editor's choice

Editor's choice

"RK Singh is an English language Professor teaching English language Skills. After reading his poetry on his blog we saw a glimpse of his expertise. Short and crisp but conveys a lot more than a 1000 word essay."