Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Haiku mentioned in LYNX, XXIII:2, 3

From Lynx:

Indian Haiku: A bilingual anthology of haiku written by 105 poets form India. Compiled, edited, and translated by Dr. Angelee Deodhar. Chandigarh, India, Spring 2008. Perfect bound, 4.5 x 7 inches, 70 pages, Sanskrit and English on facing pages.

Again Dr. Angelee Deodhar has given the haiku literature of India an incredible gift. In addition to all her other efforts, now she has collected haiku from poets of India, even those living in other parts of the world. Lynx readers will recognize the name of R. K. Singh. His haiku is:

Her lonely grief
melts in the candle wax
evening’s dark floor

......Reviewed by: Jane Reichhold

From KO, Haiku Magazine in English, Vol.22, No.10, Spring-Summer 2008



The winter chill
slowly rises each evening
frozen shadows

--R.K.Singh, Ko, Vol. 22, No.4

John Keats called imagination "the soils of poetry". Singh displays here an imagination very similar to Basho's when he wrote so delightfully this haiku:

A winter day
on my horse's back
my shadow sits freezing
-- R.H.Blythe, Haiku Vol.IV

I find Singh's haiku superbly expressed.

Thanks, H.F.Noyes, for appreciating my haiku and comparing it with the Master's. I feel honored.